Campo Privado

El Metejon Campo Privado is a unique real estate development with the original spirit of an Argentine farm. It is strategically situated in the vicinity of Vicente Casares, right on the Ezeiza – Cañuelas highway. Only 40 minutes from downtown Buenos Aires and 15 minutes from Ezeiza International Airport.

It is the unpolluted gateway from the Argentine farm land into the city and is specially preserved as an exclusively residential area.

In this first class project the rural landscape is carefully preserved. Roads are made out of a firm tuff base covered by a layer of natural ground shells and electricity wires have been installed undergrounds. Further utilities as running water, sewerage system, drainage system, telephone- and internet services are all available.

The green, spacious and safe living environment with all modern’s life utilities and easy access to the city centre makes El Metejon’s concept of a Campo Privado.